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Laser Solutions Inc.
Medical & Surgical Laser

Service Sales Parts

Laser Solutions Inc. provides quality surgical-laser services and products, personalized for your needs at an economical price. We guarantee your satisfaction!

Laser Solutions is your ONE-STOP surgical laser source.


Contact our team of dedicated service professionals at 1-800-230-7705 to help you with your laser needs.


Distributors of:

  • SSI/Laser Engineering C02 laser with a 3-year sealed-tube warranty.

  • Laparoscopic Couplers for C02 lasers.

  • LAUP Handpiece for ENT surgery.

  • Small Spot Micromanipulator (guaranteed 100% coincidence).

  • Disposable Surgical Laser Fibers, compatible with Heraeus and Coherent lasers

    • Contact laser fibers

    • Free-beam laser fibers

  • Laser safety eyewear available in a wide variety of wavelengths. Designed to comply with ANSI and OSHA Standards.

    • Laser type and viewing zone are clearly labeled for added security.

    • Advanced filter lenses for unsurpassed visual clarity.

Service on C02 and Nd:YAG Laser Systems (specializing in Lasersonics Heraeus Laserscope Lasers).

We buy and sell refurbished (used) lasers


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